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A modern Day nursery for hard-working parents 

Key information
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Open all day
8am - 6pm

6 months -
5 years old

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learning in nature & beyond

Nutritious meals cooked on site

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Spanish, mandarin Ballet and yoga

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exciting childcare on your doorstep in Royal wharf


The Nest is not beholden to any particular curriculum but aims to combine the best elements of different approaches including outdoor-learning, languages, yoga and dance to provide your child with a broad and fulfilling nursery experience.


Scroll down to see how our focus may differ from other nurseries & click for more information.


what makes us different?

We do this by creating exciting experiences that emphasise health, communication, and genuine learning opportunities

Why the Nest differs

one big family

We appreciate that needs change significantly between stages of development, so we divide the nursery into three main groups to best support to every child.

Nest family

Baby room

A baby focussed room, with everything set-up for a little person trying to understand the world. 

A mixture of cosy and calm and lively and stimulating, with a baby-focussed team. We seek to provide a caring home away from home.

Toddler room


They are now bigger, more mobile but likely struggling to communicate their full range of emotions.


We expand the variety and challenge of activities they face but ensure children still have cosy spaces to relax in. 


Pre-school room


This is when children start to become much more sociable and interested in other people.

Physically, they are more able and more opportunities for expression are created. We need to stimulate this with big movements, lots of discussion and even greater variety. 

Your family

making things Easier for your family

We created the Nest to be an understanding partner in childcare, meaning that we grasp the realities of London-life and we aim to create little perks that we hope make a big difference to you. 

You choose when and how to exchange information with the nursery.

We use the Famly app to communicate at all times. We share achievements and photos privately and ensure our face-to-face interactions focus on the important things.

choose how much contact you have

Take back hours in the day.


Your commute steals so much of your working week already, why add another one to a nursery?


Situated in Royal Wharf, a small walk from Pontoon Dock and West Silvertown DLR stations.

keep your commute manageable

One size does not fit all, this is especially important for your child's care.


We want to ensure that your home routines are kept undisrupted, so we learn from you how you do things and follow suit.

teach us your family's routine
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