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Daily Routine

We have a daily structure that encourages variety.


Having a structure means that children know what is coming and as a result are more calm and comfortable in their environment.


The babies, toddlers and pre-school each have different planned activities but with some crossover. We ensure that we follow your child's home routine, which we find especially important in the baby room and when they first begin with us.

8am - 9am

Drop-off & parent catch-up


We sit down to eat breakfast together and assist children serving themselves.


When breakfast finished at 8:45, it's free-play and children get to choose what to do. The rooms will be set up with different themes and it's all about what your child wants to do.


Fees & Financial support

We have developed a schedule designed around parents that have to balance work and family life.


Below we provide information on fees and additional help available from the government.

Our App

As part of striving to be the best, we want you to feel well-connected to your child and your Nest team while you are away.


To make this as attractive and easy as possible, we use Famly, an app that we believe is currently unsurpassed. 


Nest parents

We have gathered some useful information for you below.


Below you can find out how a typical day is structured, our fees along with some guidance on financial support and also how to download our app.​

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