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We promise

to truly understand your child as an individual, so they feel safe, valued and to allow us to personalise learning activities to fully support their development 

We have a different

perspective on teaching

We are proud to be wholly unrestricted in our curriculum.


If your child is enthusiastic about building dens or dancing, we will make sure that we build this into your child's day.


You may be thinking "that sounds like a lot of extra work for the teachers", and it is, but it's for this very reason that our team chooses to teach in a nursery and not in a school, as class sizes and engagement can be a daily challenge.


At the Nest, your child will always have a special key person that will know them best and this person will ensure that their learning experience is individualised throughout.

As a provider of education for young children, we abide by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), which is a set of standards that exist to guide those caring for young children. These include standards for learning, development and care.


The EYFS is beneficial for parents as it ensures that all providers of childcare, from childminders to day nurseries, focus on the all-round development of children.


We believe that the breadth of care provided in our day nursery gives your child the perfect blend. We combine the personal focus of an individual carer with the educational focus and continuous improvement of a school to provide an excellent place for growth.

You may know other nurseries that follow different approaches, such as Montessori, Forest School or Reggio Emilia. These approaches still follow the EYFS but tend to have a belief that their specific method is superior to all others.


Nursery educational trends change over time, and the latest idea will always be proven to do x, y and z better than the old method. However, the basis for these claims tends to be weak or anecdotal. This is why we maintain our independence and embrace a variety of activities to keep every day exciting.

At the Nest, we encourage staff to be self-reflective and contribute new teaching-ideas from any inspiration they find. We then seek to understand the real influence that these changes make, and then either continue with this great new idea or move on.


One of the reasons we seek to maintain a professional, highly-qualified team is so that this quest can be undertaken internally and we don't just rely on ideas coming from other places.


Through our sister nurseries, we have 30 years experience of questioning different methods and integrating new ones. We have seen that our method of constant improvement works well and that our children arrive in school comparing very well with their peers on independence, as well as their social and academic abilities.  

How we teach

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