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food at home

This is our food blog, where we will provide vetted recipes, using easy-to-acquire ingredients for parents to try at home. for more

How we eat

We are passionate about living a healthy life.


For us, this means having a positive relationship with food by cooking, eating well and learning about different cultures through their food.


This is why we have adventurous food choices on our menu and try to increase the breadth of foods children will eat. We do this by growing some food on-site, ensuring the cooking process is highly-interactive and encouraging good manners and eating practices at mealtimes.



We use real ingredients so we know exactly what is on each plate.


All food is cooked on site to ensure high quality-control.


All staff that handle food are trained in nutrition and allergy awareness so that we protect the children and staff in our care.


If meals are exciting rather than a chore, children become more interested in what they are eating and how valuable food is.


At lunch, you will likely find us discussing where the dish is from and pointing out where on the world map you may get the best tomatoes. 


We all know that some vegetables take some children a little longer to attempt to eat than others.


However, it is a special moment to see the immense pride and joy that appears when a child bites into a carrot or sprig of mint that they have personally cared for.

Food at home

We take all of our experience from feeding the children and distil it, to create a menu of healthy, imaginative meals for parents of the Nest.


Over time we want to provide parents with a resource that they can rely upon for imaginative & simple family food.

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